You have discovered Site #2 in White County, Hint: Scenic Overlook Falls

This scenic overlook shows the natural beauty of Burgess Falls (Middle Falls). The Falling Water River rises near the base of the Cumberland Plateau in eastern Putnam County and winds its way across the Highland Rim to its mouth along the Center Hill Lake impoundment of the Caney Fork, which is located in an area where the Highland Rim drops off into the Central Basin. The Burgess Falls State Natural Area comprises the section of the river just above its mouth, where the river drops from roughly 900 feet (270 m) atop the Highland Rim to just over 600 feet (180 m) at Center Hill Lake.

The found code for this site is OHETRFF SNYYF.  Be sure to log this into your Passport book

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Robert's Family Diner

After working up an appetite on the trail, check out Robert’s Family Diner for some good food in a rural setting.  Located about 3.5 miles from Burgess Falls.

Amazing Acres of Fun

Located about five miles from Burgess Falls is Amazing Acres of Fun.  Depending on the season, you can enjoy corn mazes, sunflower walks, wagon rides, fresh picked strawberries, and many more activities.