You have discovered Site #1 in White County, Hint: Over The Centuries

The history of Burgess Falls can be traced back over three centuries. Before European settlement, Indians of the Cherokee, Creek and Chickasaw tribes shared this region as a hunting ground. One of the first white settlers, Thomas Burgess, received a land grant here in 1793 as partial payment for his services in the Revolutionary War.

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More Geocache sites at Burgess Falls

There is a most excellent geocache location just up the trail

Window Cliffs

Located about eight miles down the road, this State natural area is certainly something to see!

Robert's Family Diner

After working up an appetite on the trail, check out Robert’s Family Diner for some good food in a rural setting.  Located about 3.5 miles from Burgess Falls.

Amazing Acres of Fun

Located about five miles from Burgess Falls is Amazing Acres of Fun.  Depending on the season, you can enjoy corn mazes, sunflower walks, wagon rides, fresh picked strawberries, and many more activities.