What DO UC? Come experience the scenic Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee.  And what better way to discover what the UC has to offer, than to traverse region tracking down our strategically placed geocache stops.

Spread throughout all fourteen counties of the Upper Cumberland, our geocache sites showcase all of the wonderful things that this area has to offer.  Join us in the search for the unique, the beautiful, and inspiring.

How To Geocache 

It’s easy to start geocaching! Check out geocaching.com to learn about the app we use.

Once the app is installed, be sure to check out the UC Sites.

Before you go, remember these geocache etiquette tips:

  • Bring a pen

  • Leave no trace

  • Write a great “found it” or “didn’t find it” log

  • Put the Geocache back where and how you found it

  • Move trackables (like a TravelBug) along

  • Be respectful of the neighbors

  • Visit local eateries and shops

UC Geocache sites

Ready to get started? Click on the county name below to access coordinates to UC Geocache sites!